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The better honeymoon registry
  • No service charges on gifts
  • No travel purchase necessary

Classy & Flexible
Receiving cash gifts with honeywish

  • Guests just love to gift you with a concrete part of your honeymoon
  • Other gifts? With honeywish you can ask for really EVERYTHING
  • You will receive 100% cash directly to your own bank account or PayPal account
  • This is how your honeymoon registry could look like: sample registry
It's as easy as this:
Create registry
1. Create registry
Describe your honeymoon plans
2. Describe your honeymoon
Guests select gifts
3. Guests select gifts

Easy & Convinient
honeywish for guests

  • Guests conviniently select gifts you really love
  • Flexible payment options: PayPal, or wire transfer - we offer flexible payment options for your guests
  • Free gift certificates for your guests
  • For your international guests available in many languages and currencies
3 simple steps to the wedding gift of your dream:
Select gifts
1. Guests select gifts
Pay gift
2. Guests pay for gifts
Print gift certificate
3. Guests print gift certificate

The 100% FREE registry without transaction fees
Receiving cash gifts with honeywish

  • Your honeywish registry is 100% free of charge
  • Cash for all gifts will go directly into your PayPal or bank account - we never collect or hold your money
  • honeywish NEVER asks TRANSACTION FEES on your gifts - neither from you nor your guests
  • At your choice let your guests pay by wire transfer (100% free in most countries) or leave your PayPal data for us to set up multiple payment options via PayPal directly to you

Perhaps the "Best Bridal Registry Ever"
What users say about honeywish

Jeremy and Linda

honeywish is the best bridal registry ever! Thanks to our honeymoon registry with honeywish, we enjoyed our honeymoon in Italy with an extra $6,000 in cash gifts from family and friends.

Other registries charging 7-10% service fees would have cost us $420 to $600 in registry charges. With honeywish it was just $108 in PayPal fees for those guests who paid using their credit card. We saved over $300 on our registry and put it towards a shopping spree in Rome.

Thanks a lot honeywish!

Jeremy & Linda