Gift list: That's how guests make a gift with honeywish

In five easy steps guests make a gift from the honeywish wedding gift list.

  1. Find your couples wedding gift list

    There are different ways to find your couples gift list.

    1. Either you have received an email invitation with a direct link and a password
    2. Or your couple has integrated their gift list on their personal website or blog
    3. Or you just search for your couples wedding gift list on honeywish
  2. Log-In to your couples gifts list

    To access wedding gift lists you have to enter the password your couple has provided. You can find the password in the email invitation. Or just contact the assigned gift list contact person who makes sure all guest get access to the wedding gift list.

  3. Select wedding gift

    See your couples gift list and see which gifts are still available. Now you can select one or more gifts you would like to give. Click on the “Give now” button at the end of your couples wedding gift list to finalize your choice.

  4. Pay for your wedding gift

    Following your gift selection you will be forwarded to the shopping cart. Please select the payment option of your choice. You may pay by making a wire transfer, or you can send money via PayPal (credit card payment available through PayPal, too). Some couples are also fine with you bringing cash to the wedding if you do not feel comfortable with online payment.

  5. Gift notification and gift certificates

    After you have made your gift your couple is notified via email. In addition you can print out a free gift certificate for the gifts you made.

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Find your couples gift list

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